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Iris Collection

This garden started as an official host garden planting for the 2017 American Iris Society’s National Convention.  Hybridizers and breeders from around the world sent their latest and greatest iris varieties for convention garden inclusion back in 2014 and 2015. The Iowa Arboretum was one of six host garden sites throughout central Iowa.

The fall of 2017 led to a evaluation of irises planted on the Iowa Arboretum’s grounds. Many species on display for the convention were shipped back to their breeder for further testing and/or release into the industry. Two-hundred and sixty-four irises were kept for the Iowa Arboretum’s Iris Collection based on varying breeding types, select cultivar attributes, and past and present convention award winners.

Please visit the American Iris’s Society website for a complete description of cultivars in our collection.

*This collection site was last updated on May 31, 2018.

Type Cultivar Hybridizer First Name/Initial Year Released
TB Alabaster Lace Aitken Terry 2015
TB Cappuccino Lace Aitken Terry 2015
TB Flaming Lava Aitken Terry 2013
TB Got The Power Aitken Terry 2013
TB Gentle Dawn Bauer C 2009
TB Last Tango in Paris Baumunk L 2016
TB Peggy Day Baumunk L 2016
BB Bonjour Baumunk L 2008
TB Girl Trouble Baumunk L 2011
TB Howling At The Moon Baumunk L 2011
TB If Not For You Baumunk L 2009
TB Just A Kiss Away Baumunk L 2008
TB Let It Be Me Baumunk L 2013
TB Let’s Misbehave Baumunk L 2013
TB Phantom Ship Baumunk L 2006
TB Rocky Mountain News Baumunk L 2013
TB Single Malt Baumunk L 2009
TB Vermeer Baumunk L 2011
TB Boucles D’OR Bersillion M 2009
TB Are You Crazy Black Paul 2013
TB Bluebird Of Happiness Black Paul 2012
TB Die Laughing Black Paul 2014
TB Early To Rise Black Paul 2012
TB Enough Is Enough Black Paul 2013
TB Escape From Boredom Black Paul 2014
TB Fantasy In Pink Black Paul 2014
TB Fit For Royalty Black Paul 2015
TB Giorgio Black Paul 2013
MTB Juvenile Joy Black Paul 2014
TB Laughing Clown Black Paul 2013
MTB Lilac Wings Black Paul 2013
TB Melody Of Spring Black Paul 2013
TB Men Are From Mars Black Paul 2013
BB My Cher Of Happiness Black Paul 2013
TB Name Game Black Paul 2012
IB No Restraint Black Paul 2013
TB Peach Butter Black Paul 2013
TB Peach Of A Day Black Paul 2015
SDB Portland Pink Black Paul 2015
BB Rustler’s Rhapsody Black Paul 2013
TB Simply Coral Black Paul 2014
TB Three Part Harmony Black Paul 2014
BB Venus Blush Black Paul 2015
TB Very Special Black Paul 2012
TB Very Very Good Black Paul 2013
TB Wicked Good Black Paul 2012
BB Wild Black Paul 2012
IB Witty Black Paul 2012
MTB Pixi-Wan Kenobi Bunnell C 2016
MTB Gesundheit Bunnell C 2012
MTB Breakfast In Bed Bunnell C 2014
TB Ayes Alert Burseen Tom 2015
TB Dial A Doll Burseen Tom 2016
TB Don’t Doubt Dalton Burseen Tom 2015
TB Go Berserka Burseen Tom 2015
TB Hopen For Rain Burseen Tom 2015
TB Inspire Me Burseen Tom 2015
TB Power Down Burseen Tom 2015
TB Requires Wires Burseen Tom 2015
TB Ruby Baby Burseen Tom 2016
TB Seal A Deal Burseen Tom 2015
SDB Giggles and Grins Coleman C 2014
SDB Heart Stopper Coleman C 2013
MDB Royal Wonder Coleman C 2013
SDB Prairie Spirit Coleman C 2014
TB Brambleberries & Cream Dailey Shaun 2015
TB Bess Streeter Aldrich Douglas Dean 2015
TB Coral Dancer Edwards F 2010
TB Desert Roundelay Edwards F 2012
TB Lilac Morning Edwards F 2008
TB Love for Mary Edwards F 2013
TB Midnight Kitty Edwards F 2011
TB Rachel Julia Edwards F 2009
TB Red Velvet Nights Edwards F 2011
TB Song of Olwen Edwards F 2013
IB Landscaping Made Easy Ensminger Allan 2005
TB Ararune Filardi B 2015
TB Barbaro Filardi B 2013
TB Bubble Mirth Filardi B 2015
TB Exit Strategy Filardi B 2015
TB Impertinent Filardi B 2011
TB Liege Lord Filardi B 2015
TB Lowering Sky Filardi B 2010
TB Pink Perception Filardi B 2015
TB Quartzite Filardi B 2015
TB Soaring Softly Filardi B 2013
TB Sugar Dumpling Filardi B 2014
TB Voyager Filardi B 2014
TB Wagging Tongues Filardi B 2013
MTB At last My Blue Fisher K 2015
MTB Cheerful Lass Fisher K 2014
MTB Chocolate Fountain Fisher K 2015
MTB Fashionable One Fisher K 2014
TB Pasqua Foss C 2015
TB Down To The Wire Ghio J 2015
TB Otherside Of Heaven Ghio J 2013
TB Path To Heaven Ghio J 2016
TB What a Beauty Ghio J 2015
TB Beverly Morning Star Hill P 2015
TB Ricochet Romance Hill P 2014
TB Gossett’s Gamble Deaton C 2015
TB I’m So Confused Deaton C 2014
TB Vic Briody Foster F 2009
TB Arrivederci Keppel K 2014
TB Black Lipstick Keppel K 2016
TB Flash Mob Keppel K 2016
TB High Desert Keppel K 2015
TB Swedish Lullaby Keppel K 2015
TB Wishes Granted Keppel K 2014
TB It’s Our Time Lauer Larry 2016
TB Give It Away Lauer Larry 2016
TB Good Idea Lauer Larry 2016
TB Barbara Jean Lauer Lauer Larry 2016
TB Bud to Blossom Lauer Larry 2015
IB Deep Secret Lauer Larry 2015
TB King of the Road Lauer Larry 2010
IB Little Blue Girl Lauer Larry 2013
TB Making Time Lauer Larry 2013
TB Midnight Rain Lauer Larry 2013
Sib Jewelled Crown Hollingworth Robert 1985
TB Nice Shot Lauer Larry 2013
TB Oh Carol Lauer Larry 2012
TB Rainbow Power Lauer Larry 2014
IB Rust Never Sleeps Lauer Larry 2013
TB Sweet Child Of Mine Lauer Larry 2015
TB Will & Adele Lauer Larry 2014
TB Elderberry Wine Lionberger David 2013
TB Eli Lionberger David 2014
TB Madeline Ruth Lionberger David 2013
BB Double Dare Lockatell M 2009
TB Metro Blue Lockatell M 2013
TB Under The Sun Lockatell M 2013
TB Serene Lady MacKendrick Don 2015
TB Blue Mountain Cloud Mann L 2015
TB Miss Fluffy Markham L 2012
BB Dapple Dawn Markham L 2014
MTB Pixie Painting Markham S 2017
MTB Fairy Sprinkles Markham S 2014
TB Firecoal Markham S 2012
MTB Going Dotty Markham S 2010
TB Just So Peachy Markham S 2014
MTB Netted Gold Markham S 2015
TB New Rules Markham S 2013
TB Catch A’blue Streak Miller David 2016
TB Chocolate Cascade Miller David 2016
TB Cuchara Pass Miller David 2015
TB Get Happy Miller David 2016
TB Go Lightly Miller David 2014
TB Miverson Miller David 2016
TB Monarch’s Cape Miller David 2015
TB Princess Ellen Miller David 2015
TB Realm of Mystery Miller David 2014
TB Subtle Suggestion Miller David 2014
TB Trigo Padigo Miller David 2016
TB Valley of the Sun Miller David 2015
IB Between Jobs Miller Linda S 2014
MTB Coral Sunrise Miller Linda S 2014
TB Football Hero Miller Linda S 2015
BB Love In The Air Miller Linda S 2014
TB Ninja Warrior Miller Linda S 2016
MTB Plum Happiness Miller Linda S 2014
MTB Rose City Miller Linda S 2015
TB Serving Wench Miller Linda S 2015
TB Jennifer Stout Mullin R 2009
IB Gene’s Lora Lavelle Norris K 2009
TB Cherokee Blaze Painter J 2013
TB Double Chocolate Painter J 2014
TB Flamboyant Peach Painter J 2015
TB Hearts On Fire Painter J 2014
TB Jazzberry Painter J 2013
TB Quintessa Painter J 2015
Rags To Riches Painter J 2013
TB Planet Hollywood Painter L 2014
TB Ruby Red Dress Painter L 2015
TB Splendid Spring Painter L 2015
IB Empress Ann Playtis Anthony J. 2003
IB Helen Regina Playtis Anthony J. 2013
IB Late Frost Playtis Anthony J. 2013
IB Princess Sarah Playtis Anthony J. 2013
TB Angie’s Ringtone Price N 2016
TB Blue For John Price N 2016
TB Dare To Return Price N 2016
TB Echo Of Spring Price N 2013
TB Lilacs For Linda Price N 2016
TB Mean Sharon Price N 2013
TB Pink for Feye Price N 2015
TB Remember The Vee Price N 2014
TB Toad Price N 2015
TB Oliver L Taetz Rust Cindy 2014
TB Angels in The Architecture Silvers T 2017
MTB Jungle Price Silvers T 2014
TB Belle Fille Smith M 2015
TB Kaibab Smith M 2014
TB Outcast Smith M 2015
BB Truant Smith M 2015
TB Vintage Port Smith M 2013
TB Visigoth Smith M 2013
TB Bright Morning Star Spoon B 2015
TB Tina’s Gift Spoon B 2014
TB Caramelized Spoon Don 2013
TB King’s Speech Spoon Don 2013
TB Mary Adele Spoon Don 2013
TB Pixie Magic Spoon Don 2013
TB Ruth Holbrook Spoon Don 2014
TB Tall John Spoon Don 2012
TB Allegheny Rose Spoon G 2013
TB Rainbow Canyon Spoon G 2014
TB Helen’s Melody Stout H 2014
IB Bahama Blues Sutton Michael 2010
TB Blondie’s Blush Sutton Michael 2013
TB Bold Pattern Sutton Michael 2015
IB Butter Rum Sutton Michael 2013
SDB Chili Powder Sutton Michael 2014
TB Cozy Cotton Sutton Michael 2015
TB Debutante’s Lace Sutton Michael 2014
TB Dueling Bands Sutton Michael 2015
IB Easy Peasy Sutton Michael 2015
TB Fiery Echo Sutton Michael 2013
TB Flash Flare Sutton Michael 2013
BB From Within Sutton Michael 2013
TB Grand Bargain Sutton Michael 2014
TB Hawaiian Sunrise Sutton Michael 2013
TB Huckleberry Pie Sutton Michael 2015
TB Icefall Sutton Michael 2013
TB Island Nights Sutton Michael 2015
TB Lavender Lemon Cake Sutton Michael 2015
IB Mulligan Sutton Michael 2015
IB Orange Blossom Junction Sutton Michael 2012
TB Pattern Play Sutton Michael 2015
TB Point To The Sun Sutton Michael 2013
TB Strawberry Frosting Sutton Michael 2010
TB Sunny Slope Sutton Michael 2014
IB Yonkers Sutton Michael 2013
TB Autumn Explosion Tasco R 2013
TB Beyond Borders Tasco R 2012
BB Dark Wonder Tasco R 2012
TB Ice Planet Tasco R 2013
TB Island Breeze Tasco R 2012
TB One Step Beyond Tasco R 2014
TB Peach Pearl Tasco R 2014
BB Sheer Excitement Tasco R 2011
TB Storm Rider Tasco R 2013
TB Subtle Beauty Tasco R 2011
TB Waves Of Joy Tasco R 2015
TB Blaze Valley VanHook J 2011
TB Wildcat Madness VanHook J 2015
MTB Adazzle Varner WT 2013
MTB Velvet Intrigue Wendell Brian 2010
TB Minnesota Nice Worrel J 2015
TB Out of Trouble Worrel J 2015
BB Robin’s Little Sister Worrel J 2015
MTB Chocolate Fountain Fisher K 2015
TB Commanding Presence Black Paul 2014
TB Stormy Sunrise Edwards F 2015
IB Landscaping Made Easy Ensminger Allan 2005
TB Anasazi Filardi B 2015
TB Eyedazzler Filardi B 2009
TB Florentine Gold Filardi B 2010
TB Chivalrous Ghio J 2016
TB Double Wedding Ghio J 2015
TB Gentle Soul Ghio J 2015
BB Devil’s Waltz Markham L 2010
TB Ice Adams Spoon Don 2012
TB American Original Tasco R 2014

BB: Border Bearded Iris, IB: Intermediate Bearded Iris, MTB: Miniature Tall Bearded Iris , SDB: Standard Bearded Iris, TB: Tall Bearded Iris. Sib: Siberian Iris

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