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The Story

Three years ago, a committee was formed called the Family Engagement Committee. They were tasked with recommending ideas for attracting young families to the Arboretum. This was a demographic the Arboretum was not attracting in large numbers. The committee decided to recommend to the Board of Directors that treehouses be built on the grounds of the Arboretum. The board liked the idea and Beanstalk Builders (Morganton, North Carolina) was selected to design and build treehouses for the Arboretum.

Next, Treehouse Village was selected as the name for the project and Confluence (Des Moines) was selected to design the infrastructure for the project (walkways, utilities, parking, fences, and other support features).


The next step was to start a capital campaign to raise money for the project. A committee was formed and potential donors were identified. The first lead gift came from Adele and Dean Bowden, and other donations and grants followed during the campaign. The project started in May of 2023.

Treehouse Village, Iowa Arboretum & Gardens

Treehouse Village 

Imagine a place where children of all ages and abilities can come together to play and be outdoors with nature and their families. With your contribution, you can ensure that the Treehouse Village becomes a reality. We invite you to participate and support this great project. Together, we can create a space that sparks the imagination, fosters physical activity, and nurtures mental well-being.

We’d love for you to partner with us to help bring this treehouse to Iowa with any and all donations you can! Click the button below to donate today. 

Let’s Build Treehouses!

“The main feature of Treehouse Village is an all-inclusive play area that has ground-level and elevated experiences for children of all ages and abilities. The play area will have wheelchair-accessible ramps, swings, push zipline, cargo netting climbing area, and other fun activities.”

Arboretum Member

Progress of our Treehouse!