Kroeze Memorial Tea House

Kroeze Memorial Tea House

The Kroeze Memorial Tea House was dedicated at the Garden Bouquets event on October 3, 2010. It is named for the late Arie Kroeze of Iowa City, owner of Pleasant Valley Nursery and Golf Course, and past President of the Iowa Arboretum Board of Directors between 1995 and 2002.

The planting around the tea house was renovated in the summer of 2017 with a monochromatic design of purple hues. Monochromatic color schemes are said to create a sense of harmony and simplicity. This minimalist style of design allows the plants within the landscape to take precedence, aiding in the tranquility of the space itself. The addition of a few contrasting neon tones enhances the bold impression of this unique planting. A brick walkway and a flagstone-style pathway was installed on the either side of the tea house by the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association’s Day of Service in 2018; completing the space for a restful stop along the 0.8 mile outer loop trail.

*This collection page was last updated December 4, 2018.


Designation Genus species Cultivar Common Name
Deciduous Tree Acer platanoides Pond Emerald Lustre Norway Maple
Deciduous Tree Acer saccharum  Bonfire Bonfire Sugar Maple
Deciduous Tree Acer  x pseudosieboldianum North Wind North Wind Hybrid Maple
Deciduous Tree Carya  cordiformis Bitternut Hickory
Deciduous Tree Fagus sylvatica Rohan Weeping Rohan Weeping European Beach
Deciduous Tree Quercus hybrid (rubra x imbricaria F2) Red Oak Hybrid
Coniferous Shrub Tsuga  canadensis Pendula Canadian Hemlock
Broadleaf Evergreen Euonymus  fortunei Emerald Gaiety Emerald Gaiety Euonymus
Broadleaf Evergreen Rhodendron PJM PJM Rhododendron
Deciduous Shrub Aronia melanocarpa Black Chokeberry
Deciduous Shrub Buddleia  Blue Chip Jr. Blue Chip Jr. Dwarf Butterfly Bush
Deciduous Shrub Caryopteris  x clandonensis Blauer Splatz Sapphire Surf Bluebeard
Deciduous Shrub Cornus alba ByBoughen Neon Burst Dogwood
Deciduous Shrub Cotinus coggygria  Ancot Golden Spirit Smokebush
Deciduous Shrub Lavandula x intermedia Nikko Phenomenal English Lavender
Deciduous Shrub Philadelphus  x virginalis Snowbelle Snowbelle Mockorange
Deciduous Shrub Physocarpus  opulifolus Little Devil Little Devil Ninebark
Deciduous Shrub Rhodendron Tri-Lights Tri-Lights Azalea
Deciduous Shrub Sambucus nigra Eva Black Lace Elderberry
Deciduous Shrub Syringa  vulgaris Declaration Declaration Lilac
Perennial Agastache hybrid Bolero Bolero Dwarf Hummingbird Mint (Hyssop)
Perennial Allium species Medusa Ornamental Onion
Perennial Amsonia x Blue Ice Blue Star
Perennial Astilbe  chinensis Purple Candles Giant Plume Flower
Perennial Astilbe  chinensis Purple Rain False Spirea
Perennial Baptisia Dark Chocolate Decadence Fasle Indigo
Perennial Brunnera  macrophylla  Alexander’s Great Siberian Bugloss
Perennial Cimicifuga  ramosa Hillside Black Beauty Black Snakeroot
Perennial Geranium Rozanne Hary Geranium
Perennial Helleborus hybridus Wedding Bells Lenten Rose
Perennial Heuchera  villosa hybrid Silver Gumdrop Coral Bells
Perennial Heuchera  villosa hybrid Black Pearl Coral Bells
Perennial Iris Ten Carat Diamond Tall Bearded Iris
Perennial Iris Purple Essence Tall Bearded Iris
Perennial Iris Backdraft Tall Bearded Iris
Perennial Iris House Arrest Tall Bearded Iris
Perennial Liatris  spicata Kobold Original Blazing Star
Perennial Monarda didyma Blue Moon Bee Balm
Perennial Nepeta  x faassenii  Cat’s Meow Catmint
Perennial Perovskia atripicifolia Little Spire Russian Sage
Perennial Pulmonaria hybrid Silver Bouquet Lungwort
Perennial Pulmonaria hybrid Trevi Fountain Lungwort
Perennial Sedum telephium Marina Stonecrop
Perennial Sedum telephium Thunderhead Stonecrop
Perennial Tiarella  hybrid Spring Symphony Foam Flower

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