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Dwarf Conifer Collection (includes the Jacobson Conifer Collection)

Conifers, botanically known as gymnosperms, belong to a taxonomic plant class which produces seeds without a protective ovule casing (pine cones); ie: “naked seed”. Many of us relate the word conifer to the large softwoods with needles that stay green throughout the year, such as pines, cedars, spruces, and firs. Though these gymnosperms make up a large percentage of the taxonomic class, some gymnosperms behave like a deciduous tree, dropping their needles in the fall; ie: deciduous conifer. Examples of deciduous conifers are bald cypress, ginkgo, larch, and dawn redwood. Conifers do not bear flowers. Instead, they have cones that are made up of a whorl of scales, displaying the bare seed and allowing for easy seed dispersal.

A prominent and sought after collection of the Iowa Arboretum is the Dwarf Conifer Collection. While this collection was established in 1982, it expanded with an iconic arboretum landmark, the Jones Memorial Gazebo, in 1991. In 2005, several species were added to the collection to honor past Board Member Craig Jacobson of Marshalltown, forming a new collection element as the Jacobson Conifer Collection.

Dwarf, intermediate, and even large conifers with cultivar designation, are represented in this stunning collection. Particularly fine established specimens include weeping white pine (Pinus strobus ‘Pendula’), dwarf Norway spruce on a standard (Picea abies ‘Little Gem’), compact concolor fir (Abies concolor ‘Compacta’), and weeping white spruce (Picea glauca ‘Pendula’). The path to the east of the dwarf conifer collection flows into the alpine collection.

*This page was last updated July 5, 2019.

Designation Accession# Genus species Cultivar Common Name
Conifer 820166 Abies concolor Compacta Compact White Fir
Deciduous Tree 180003 Acer shirasawanum  Autumn Moon Autumn Moon Maple
Conifer 010076 Chamaecyparis pisifera filifera  Threadbranch Japanese False Cypress
Conifer 170009 Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Blue Surprise Blue Surprise Lawson Cypress
Deciduous Conifer 830063 Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo
Deciduous Conifer 060149 Ginkgo biloba Jade Butterflies Jade Butterflies Ginkgo
Deciduous Conifer 060153 Ginkgo biloba Spring Grove Spring Grove Ginkgo
Deciduous Conifer 180000 Ginkgo biloba The President Presidential Gold Ginkgo
Deciduous Conifer 180011 Ginkgo biloba Crispin’s Jaded Crispin’s Jaded Jester Ginkgo
Deciduous Conifer 180012 Ginkgo biloba Peve´ Maribo Peve´ Maribo Ginkgo
Deciduous Conifer 180013 Ginkgo biloba Snow Cloud Snow Cloud Ginkgo
Deciduous Conifer 080166 Ginkgo  biloba Robbies Twist Robbies Twist Ginkgo
Conifer 070566 Juniperus rigida Pendula Japanese Temple Juniper
Deciduous Conifer 010080 Larix  kaempferi Blue Rabbit Blue Rabbit Japanese Larch
Conifer 990193 Picea pungens Globosa Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce
Conifer 820034 Picea abies Pendula Norway Spruce
Conifer 820033 Picea abies Maxwellii Maxwell Norway Spruce
Conifer 150008 Picea engelmannii Blue Magoo Blue Magoo Engelmann Spruce
Conifer 990015 Picea glauca Pendula Weeping White Spruce
Conifer 190011 Picea obovata Arctos Arctos Siberian Spruce
Conifer 780017 Picea  abies Nidiformis Norway Spruce
Conifer 820035C Picea  abies Tabuliformis Table-top Norway Spruce
Conifer 820035B Picea  abies Tabuliformis Table-top Norway Spruce
Conifer 820035A Picea  abies Tabuliformis Table-top Norway Spruce
Conifer 180009 Picea  abies Vermont Gold Vermont Gold Norway Spruce
Conifer 140003 Picea  pungens Golden Ghost Golden Ghost Colorado Spruce
Conifer 990198A Picea  abies Little Gem Little Gem Norway Spruce
Conifer 990198B Picea  abies Little Gem Little Gem Norway Spruce
Conifer 810026 Picea  pungens Montgomery Montgomery Colorado Spruce
Conifer 950014 Pinus strobus Torulosa Torulosa White Pine
Conifer 800046 Pinus strobus Pendula Pendula White Pine
Conifer 820038B Pinus strobus Pendula Weeping White Pine
Conifer 070500 Pinus densiflora  Oculus Draconis Dragon’s Eye Japanese Red Pine
Conifer 190014 Pinus parviflora Goykuri Goykuri Japanese White Pine
Conifer 190013A-E Pinus strobus Bennett’s Fastigiate Bennett’s Fastigiate Eastern White Pine
Conifer 940087 Pinus  peuce Balkan Pine
Conifer 180010 Pinus  parviflora Fukai Fukai Japanese White Pine
Conifer 010073 Pinus  strobus Nana Dwarf Eastern White Pine
Conifer 920055 Pseudotsuga  menziesii Pendula Weeping Douglas Fir
Conifer 080162 Thuja occidentalis Bobazam Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae
Conifer 060148 Tsuga  canadensis  Pendula Weeping Canadian Hemlock

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