November 1, 2022 @ 7:00 am – December 3, 2022 @ 12:00 pm
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$50.00 USD Ready-to-Hang Evergreen Wreath
Sold Out
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$35.00 USD DIY Evergreen Wreath
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$30.00 USD Pot of Greens
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$25.00 USD Three Tiers of Holiday Cheer
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$20.00 USD Greens to Go
Mark Schneider

Evergreen Excitement 

If you are lucky enough to have private access to four or five different kinds of fresh evergreens, you are very fortunate. This year Sandy Gossman, Nan Bonfils, and Pat Steffen will work their holiday magic and create wonderful evergreen masterpieces for sale to the public. 100% of your purchase will go toward revitalizing the Arboretum hosta collection. Pat, Sandy, and Nan envisioned, designed, and organized this project. Once again, our volunteers help the Arboretum grow.


READY-TO-HANG EVERGREEN WREATH is an annual Arboretum tradition. The wreath base is 18” in diameter. It’s adorned lavishly with evergreens, ribbons, pinecones, and just the right amount of bling. There are no two alike so order online now. Then come early on pick-up day, December 3, to choose from the full array.

$50 each (8 for sale)  – Sold Out


DIY EVERGREEN WREATH 18” ready for YOU to decorate. It features the same greens as the Ready-To-Hang Evergreen Wreath. A completed wreath of mixed greens and a few pinecones is what you will take home. You finish it off with your own favorite ribbon, ornaments, lights- whatever you please.

$35 (4 for sale) – Sold Out


POT OF GREENS – This beautiful white ceramic pot, 4.5 inches tall, is loaded with fresh-cut evergreens thoughtfully arranged (total height approximately 12”). The designs and trimmings may vary, but each pot has a great mix of color and texture. Refresh the water often and enjoy your greens deep into December. Your pot comes with a matching ceramic saucer so in spring you will be able to use it for a transplant or houseplant. It’s a gift with a gift.

$30 (12 for sale) – Sold Out


THREE TIERS OF HOLIDAY CHEERS – We’ve repurposed 3-tier dessert carriers with fresh-cut evergreens, ribbons, gift-wrapped boxes, ornaments, and jingle bells. Great for your entryway or buffet (the tower is 21 “ tall and the base requires a space 9”x 13”). The decorations are meant to be easily dismantled. So you can swap out the greens and add in your own favorite ornaments, cookies, and snacks. Change up the color of the carrier with spray paint for many parties ahead. There are no two alike so order online now. Then come early on pick-up day, December 3, to choose from the full array.



GREENS TO GO – Take home a bundle of fresh-cut evergreens for DIY design. The three-pound assortment of at least four kinds of greens can be trimmed for your own centerpiece, entryway or wreath accent. Bring wonderful scents and color to your home from the Iowa Arboretum.


Pick up of all online orders will be on Saturday, December 3 between 9 am and 12 noon. All evergreen purchases need to be made online and prepaid. There is no guarantee of product availability for walk-in shoppers on December 3. Join us for the Waffle Breakfast that morning. 

Additional evergreen designs created by Sandy, Nan, and Pat will also be on sale to the public at the Vintage Christmas Open House at Lincoln View Farm. 1071 X Avenue, Boone IA 50036. The host is Nancy Briggs. Friday, December 2 from 10-3; Saturday, December 3 from 10-5; and Sunday, December 4 from 11-3. All evergreen sales there will go to benefit the Arboretum. No preorders. For more information 515-292-8628.

*Pictures 1 and 2 – Evergreen Wreaths, Picture 3 – Pot of Greens, Picture 4 – Three Tiers of Holiday Cheers.