Get Ready for Spring & Support the Arboretum

We are participating in three fund raising programs this year.

Renee′s Garden Seeds

Buy your garden seed from Renee’s Garden Seeds and enter the coupon code FR333A when you check out. The Arboretum will receive 25% of your order.


Brent and Becky′s Bulbs

Go to Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, pick the Iowa Arboretum as your organization from the pull down menu, agree to the terms, then you can go and purchase bulbs to beautify your home, while earning the Iowa Arboretum 25% of the bulb total! Also, on you digital receipt, you will see the total you helped the arboretum earn, which you can use for tax purposes!*


Kincaid Gardens

Purchase Kincaid Gardens’ 100% Stainless Steel Plant Markers in bundles. Receive a discount and the Iowa Arboretum will receive a rebate check. Use Rewards Code ABG-IA when placing your order online at To learn more about this program check out the Grow Your Rewards Handout.