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Orchard & Herb Garden

The Herb Garden was established in 1984 south of the Cafferty Building.  It is outlined in Korean boxwood, Buxus microphylla var. koreana, which provides year round interest and lends a more formal appearance to the garden. This variety has proven to be quite hardy.  Both annual and perennial herbs used to provide fragrance or for culinary or medicinal purposes are included in the garden. Some traditional herbs such as rosemary, common basil, thyme, and oregano have been planted. Each year a slightly different combination of annual herbs is featured.

In 2009, an anonymous supporter donated the sculpture titled “Eternal Flame” carved by Stacey Henderson of Des Moines. The piece is carved from Yule marble from the same Colorado quarry as the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

Outside of the boxwood hedge, various perennials and shrubs have found a home including some woody and herbaceous peonies and two crabapples.

For many years this garden was maintained by dedicated volunteers Teresa Davenport and Brenda Fisher.

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