Strategic Goals

2021 Goals

Restore the Grounds (Derecho storm clean up and planting)

Improve Plant Collections

Improve Facilities for Guests

Increase Revenue

Create a Style Guide for all printed materials

Provide Online Educational Opportunities

Market the Arboretum

New Initiative:  The Iowa Arboretum is working with the Boone County Trails Advisory Committee to bring a bike trail to the “front door” of the Iowa Arboretum.  The north/south trail will come from the city of Boone and from the High Trestle Trail in Madrid and connect with Grant Woods, Swede Point Park, the Iowa Arboretum, Ledges State Park and  McHose Park. The trail will provide fantastic outdoor recreational opportunities for the citizens of Boone County and the hundreds of thousands of people who visit the area each year.

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Iowa Arboretum – Bike Trail

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