First Signs of Spring

The Iowa Arboretum is awakening from a long winter. Visitors and flowers are beginning to appear. It is a great time to be outside and walk the woodland trails and Arboretum pathways to find the many hidden secrets of nature.


Summer Bulb List

Summer Bulb Class

Bloom Season
Plant Height
Planting Depth
Hardiness Zone
Container Plant
Allium beesianum- Blue AlliumF-P SunLS12-16"3-4"Z-4Y
Allium sphaerocephalon- Drumstick AlliumF-P SunES12-16"3-4"Z-3Y
Amaryllis belladonna-Torch Lily/ Naked LadiesF-P SunLS18-24"1-2"Z-7Y
Arisaema flava, A. triphyllum, A. utile Jack-in-the pulpitF-P ShM-LS12-18"3-4"Z-4Y
Arisarum proboscideum- Mouse PlantF-P ShES4-5"2-4"Z-5Y
Arum Cornutum - Voodoo LilyF-P SunMS24-36"1-2"Z-6Y
Arum italicum - Orange CandleflowerF-P ShES8-14"1-2"Z-4Y
Begonia, TuberousF-P ShMS8-12"2-3"Z-7Y
CaladiumF-P SunM-LS10-24"3-4"Z-9Y
Calla LilyF-P SunMS12-14"2-4"Z-7Y
Canna Lily & Dwarf Canna LilyF SunMS18-60"2-4"Z-7Y
Colocasia- Elephant EarF-P SunE-LS18-36"6-8"Z-8Y
Crocosmia 'Lucifer'F-P SunM-LS20-30"4-6"Z-5Y
Cyclamen, HardyF-P ShEF8-14"4-6"Z-5Y
Daffodil 'Summer Cheer'F-P ShES10-12"3-5"Z-4Y
DahliaF-P SunMS20-36"3-4"Z-7Y
Eucomis bicolor - Pineapple LilyF-P SunMS12-18"3-4"Z-8Y
Gladiolus callianthusF SunLS10-18"3-4"Z-7Y
Gladiolus nanus - Hardy MiniatureF SunMS18-24"3-4"Z-4Y
GladiolusF SunMS48-60"3-4"Z-8Y
Gloriosa superba - Glory LilyF-P SunMS48-72"1-2"Z-9Y
Calopogon tuberosus - Hardy Ground OrchidP ShES6-8"2-4"Z-3Y
Hymenocallis festalis - Peruvian DaffodilF-P SunMS18-24"3-4"Z-8Y
Kniphofia alcazar - Red Hot PokerF-P SunMS36-48"1-2"Z-4
Leucocoryne - Andean LilyF-P SunES16-19"3-4"Z-8Y
Lilium - AsiaticF-P SunMS32-60"5-7"Z-1Y
Lilium - OrientalF-P SunMS32-60"5-7"Z-3Y
Lilium - TigerF-P SunMS32-60"5-7"Z-2Y
Nerine bowdenii - Japanese Spider LilyF-P SunLS24-36"4-6"Z-8Y
Polianthus tuberosaF-P SunMS18-24"2-3"Z-7Y
RanunculusF SunES12-18"1-2"Z-7Y
Sprekelia formossisima - Aztec LilyF-P SunMS12-18"3-4"Z-7Y
Water LilyF-P SunM-LS24-36"24-36"Z-4Y

Bulb Sources:
Brecks –
Burpee –
Holland Bulb Farm –
Plant Delights Nursery –
Wild Ginger Farm –

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